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Hello!  We are a small group affilitated with Metta Programs with the aim of bringing the rich teachings of Insight Dialogue and encouraging Kalyanamittata in Canada.  We are focusing for now on Ontario and are so pleased to be offering retreats this year.  Please contact us with any comments or questions.

With Love

Dave & Carolynn

Dave Leggatt

Dave Leggatt  has been meditating for more than twenty years and has devoted the last ten years to gaining a deeper understanding of the Buddhas teachings. He has been very active in the meditation community in various roles, the latest of which is facilitating a weekly Insight Dialogue group in Toronto and bringing Insight Dialogue to the wider community.

He resides in Toronto and practices meditation with many people around the world.

Carolynn Barko

Carolynn was introduced to Insight Dialgoue in June of 2016 and has never looked back.  Taking a needed break, from a career in the Canadian Not-for-Profit health sector, to take care of self and family, she spends her time volunteering for organizations such as Metta Programs and Kalyanamittata.  In addition she continues her life long passion of learning with studies in Meditation, Healthcare Leadership, Organizational Transformation, Buddhism and many topics that feed the spirit.

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